This page shows all my articles on Japanese swords. Basically, everything you need to know if you decide to purchase your first katana.

You may find helpful tips on how to choose the best katana, to suit your needs. Or you may broaden your knowledge and learn new stuff.

Aside from individual articles which go in depth on a particular, I have this step-by-step buyer’s guide for people in a hurry:

I love writing about this. It helps me learn and develop so many skills like speed typing, speed reading, and even blogging. And I also acquired a lot of knowledge, so thank you very for reading and staying interested. These are all my posts on katanas and Japanese blades:

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Legendary Katana Names

Legendary Katana Names

The world has long been fascinated by legendary swords, from anime to popular movies and video games. A blade can be a family heirloom, passed

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Sharp Katana and Beautiful Woman

How Sharp Is A Samurai Sword?

Katanas are known around the world for their unique appearance, laborious forging techniques, and artistic design. They are also famous for their near-legendary status and

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